Toward Fully Automatic Contest Administration

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Ryan Stansifer


Toward Fully Automatic Contest Administration

Authors: Keith Johnson, Ryan Stansifer


We are quite pleased with using DOMjudge at the ICPC Southeast USA regional programming contest. The design of DOMJudge offers good possibilities for use in a diversity of settings and automating common tasks.

We are inspired to make the administration of program evaluation as easy as possible. We desire a fully automated contest in the cloud that requires minimal technical administration. We identify and abstract some components we wish to reuse in other environments, most notably components for computer projects in courses. These modules include submitting, problem archives, compilation, running, and evaluation. We offer a few steps for modularizing and automating the process. One example is self-registration. We describe a few interfaces to our software systems we have found useful.

We favor a mix-and-match approach to components as opposed to a monolithic software design.