The Case for Super-Regional Contests

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The Case for Super-Regional Contests

David Van Brackle Chief Judge, Southeast USA Region

As the ICPC grows worldwide, it faces challenges that attend such rapid growth. Most of the regions around the world are clamoring for more “slots” at World finals, yet at 110 teams, World Finals is already an unwieldy affair. Meanwhile, the regions in the North American Super-Region face a different problem. Since the ICPC started in North America, most of the North American regions have already seen their boom, and their growth is slower than other parts of the world. With the World Finals at a fixed size and “wildcards” allocated proportionally, this means that North America will see fewer and fewer “slots”. Many traditional regions in North America are already small enough to warrant an invitation for only their winning team, with no “wildcards”. This, in turn, discourages participation in the regionals, and reduced numbers even further.

This presentation will espouse the creation of Super-Regional contests. These would be contests held between regionals and World Finals. They would be worthwhile, destination events, larger and more extravagant than regionals, but not as prestigious as World Finals. Winners and wildcards from Regionals would go to the Super-Regional contest, and the Super-Regional contest would determine slots at World Finals. The positives and negatives of Super-Regionals will be discussed, and specific details that have been proposed for a North American Super-Regional in 2013 will be presented.