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=== Contest Control/Judging Systems ===
|''Time''||         ''Title''||                                     ''Speaker''||         ''Email''
|00:00-00:00|| [http://domjudge.sourceforge.net/ DOMjudge]  || Thijs Kinkhorst || [mailto:thijs@kinkhorst.com thijs@kinkhorst.com]
|00:00-00:00|| [https://kth.kattis.scrool.se/ Kattis]|| Fredrik Niemelä||  [mailto:fredrik@niemela.se fredrik@niemela.se]
|00:00-00:00||[http://www.ecs.csus.edu/pc2/ PC^2] || ||
| 00:00-0:00||Mooshak || José Paulo Leal || [mailto:zp@dcc.fc.up.pt zp@dcc.fc.up.pt]

=[[ICPC CLIS 2013]]=
=[[ICPC CLIS 2013]]=

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ICPC CLIS 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Competitive Infrastructure Initiative (CII) seeks to identify, develop, and exploit technologies that advance the capabilities of competitive based learning in programs of computing sciences at universities world-wide. Each year the CII conducts the Collaborative Learning Institute Symposium (CLIS) in conjunction with the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals.

Sunday, 30th, June 20:00 - 22:20

Angleterre - Conference Hall

Time Title Speaker
20:00-20:20 Approaches to programming problem classification Alexander S. Klenin

Will what got you "here" get you "there"?

Shawn A Bohner
21:00-21:20 The URI Online Judge Learning Platform Jean Luca Bez
21:30-21:50 Auto-Live Fredrik Heintz
22:00-22:20 A Programmer Self-training System with Programming Skill Evaluation, Personalized Task Recommendation and Automatic Contest Generation Shu Lin

Monday, 1st, July 20:00 - 22:20

Angleterre - Conference Hall

Time Title Speaker
20:00-20:20 CM4 with Web Services Jeff Donadoo
20:30-20:50 Second Screen Tomas Cerny
21:00-21:20 uHunt API Felix Halim
21:30-21:50 Preparing Mooshak for adolescence José Paulo Leal
22:00-22:20 3D Virtual Activity-Based Learning Environment (VALE) Mikhail Lavrentiev

Tuesday, 2nd, July 20:00 - 22:20

Angleterre - Conference Hall

Time Title Speaker
20:00-20:20 The 2012 ICPC North American Qualifier Greg Hamerly
20:30-20:50 Codeforces - platform for programming competitions connecting 100K users Mike Mirzayanov
21:00-21:20 Competitive Programming Movement “Tomás López Jiménez”: training initiative for ACM-ICPC style competitions Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez
21:30-21:50 Caribbean Online Judge (COJ) Jorge Luis Roque Alvarez
22:00-22:20 A Portable Contest Server Lee Wittenberg




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