History - ICPC 2004

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...the RESULTS are in from Prague!!

The 2004 World Champions:
St Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics

31032210-IMG 4699.jpg

 From 3,150 teams selected from 1,411 universities in 75 countries competing at 127 sites and hundreds more competing at preliminary contests worldwide, seventy-three teams of students competed for bragging rights and prizes at The 28th Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals sponsored by IBM on March 31, 2004, and hosted at the Obecni Dum, Prague by Czech Technical University in Prague. 

2004 World Champions: Quick Links:
St Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics
Andrew Stankevich, Coach
Dmitri Pavlov, Contestant
Pavel Mavrin, Contestant
Sergey Orshanskiy, Contestant