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...the RESULTS are in from Vancouver!!
The 2001 World Champions
The St. Petersburg State University
- twice in a row!

Sixty-four teams of students from 2,700 teams representing 1,079 universities in 70 countries on six continents competed  for bragging rights and prizes at the World Finals of The 25th Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest sponsored by IBM. The 2001 ACM World Finals was held on March 10, 2001, in Vancouver, Canada.  View the final standings, the photo album, the photo archive or the [Problem Set|Problem Resources/2001WorldFinalProblemSet.pdf]

img src="http://icpc.baylor.edu/past/icpc2001/Finals/petersburg.jpg"

Contestants Nikolai Durov, Andrei Lopatine, Victor Petrov, and coach Dmitri Lomov
View the Regional Results!