CodeChef - The year as it happened, 2015

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Title: CodeChef - The year as it happened, 2015

Speaker: Anup Kalbalia, Sr. Tech Lead @ Directi, Leads

CodeChef is a global programming community that fosters learning and friendly competition, built on top of the world’s largest competitive programming platform. It organizes three featured contests every month and gives away prizes and goodies to the winners as an encouragement. Apart from this, the platform is open to the entire programming community to host their own contests. Major institutions and organizations across the globe use our platform to host their contests. On an average, 30+ external contests are hosted on our platform every month. We also partner with colleges and groups to create local CodeChef Chapters, meet-ups, orientation sessions and programming workshops. Last year we showcased the platform in the CLI Symposium 2015 held at Marrakesh, Morocco for the first time, where it received great appreciation and provided us with a lot of encouragement.

Last year (2015) we successfully hosted the online rounds for Asia Regionals (India) for successive years. We helped conduct the onsite round as well for the regionals held at Kolkata, Chennai, and Amritapuri. This was the first time that any ICPC onsite regional was being held on our platform.

CLI is the appropriate platform where we can present our solution that we provided to the regional directors. Through this interaction, we would like to extend our services and support to the large community of ACM ICPC.