Caribbean Online Judge (COJ)

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Caribbean Online Judge (COJ).


The Caribbean Online Judge (COJ) is the first and foremost archive of original programming problems in the Region. It was created and is currently maintained by an enthusiast group of students and graduates of the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI, by its acronym in Spanish), located in Cuba. The system its been up since 2005, and was published on the Internet in 2010. Since that year the system has been instrumental for the development of a grassroots ACM-ICPC movement in Caribbean and Latin American countries. The system currently holds more than 1400 programming problems, and has judged almost half a million submits from over 10000 registered users, located in more than 120 countries. Problem descriptions are offered in English, but the system itself can be viewed in English and Spanish. The problems are tagged by solution and ranked by difficulty dynamically, thus making the users the ultimate authority on the complexity of any given problem. There are more than 280 contests in several styles, ranging from classical style (ACM-ICPC) to others original to the COJ such as the progressive contest style. Although of classical Online Judge design, the system holds a particularly diverse and unique feature set, ranging from practice and virtual contests to submissions by e-mail and test data generation for all public problems, as well as anti-plagiarism software and other administrative features. The COJ has been successfully used as a complement in Computer Science programming courses both in UCI and other Universities. The system is under continuous development.


ACM-ICPC, COJ, online judge, contests, training.


Jorge Luis Roque Alvarez, Juan Carlos Lobaina Guzmán, Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez, Leandro González Vallejo, Nersa Doraines Acosta Labrada, Michael Horta Fleitas, Nellis Margarita Cabrera Mallea, Yonny Mondelo Hernández, José Ernesto Lara Rodríguez, Tomás Orlando Junco Vázquez, Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez.