AmirReza PoorAkhavan

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AmirReza PoorAkhavan

AmirReza is studying Computer Science, Amirkabir UT, Islamic Republic of Iran.

He started Competitive Programming when he was 12, and started problem setting when I was 16.

When he was 17, he prepared a contest for codeforces and that was a very amazing experience for him. he was preparing for Iran National Olympiad of Informatics at first, after entering college, he continued CP for ICPC.

He joined Quera just before entering university. Quera is an amazing Iranian startup that holds contests to help other companies hire. He worked as the Contest Coordinator. After 1.5 years, in February 2019, he joined HackerEarth as the Contest Coordinator. he spends his time solving, testing, and, approving problems and enjoys this routine.