A Proposed Standard for Contest Control Systems

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The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals is managed by a complex set of software called a contest control system (CCS). Over the 35-year history of the World Finals a number of different CCS's have been used, each with a different set of functionality, user interfaces, display capabilities, etc. As more and more Universities participate in the ICPC, including its local and regional contests, interest among various groups in developing a CCS for consideration of use at the World Finals has increased.

This presentation will describe a proposal for a formal standard specifying requirements which a CCS must meet in order to be considered for use at the ICPC World Finals. The standard includes minimal functional requirements, internal and external interfaces, and testability and documentation requirements with which a CCS must comply. It also describes general issues such as licensing, platform-compatibility, and security required of a candidate CCS.

The proposed standard has been developed by a team of people which includes representatives from the Kattis and PC Squared teams, developers of the two CCS's used to run recent past ICPC World Finals. The presentation represents the first public release of Draft 1.0 of the proposed standard, and includes a Request For Comments from those interested in contributing to the finalization of the CCS Standard prior to its initial use in selecting candidate systems for managing future ICPC World Finals.