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Hi there,

Let me introduce myself first, I'm Ahmed Aly, an ACM contestant for 3 years, a judge for 1 year and the chief judge for the last 3 years in the ACM Arab Collegiate Programming Contest. Currently I'm a software engineer at Google in Mountain View, California, since 2012. And I'm the owner and creator of A2 Online Judge.

I'd like to make a presentation about my website, and here are the main features:

  1. My website supports 16 different online judges and indexes their problems and they are searchable here.
  2. Using these problems the users can create Virtual Contests, the same contest can contain problems from different online judges, and it supports the blind hour concept, and they can make private, semi-private or public contests. And the contestants can register and solve the problems in the specific online judge, and my crawlers will get their submissions within a minute, and generates a scoreboard for that contest.
  3. Users can create private groups, and add sheets inside these groups, a sheet can contain list of problems, scoreboard, solution hints and source codes.
  4. The categories page contains list of many categories with many problems in each category.
  5. The ladders is a new way to practice, where the user can select a practice ladder and solve it. Each problem might require some other problems to be solved first, and the whole ladder might require another ladder to be finished first.
  6. Like any other online judge, there are many problems and some of them are available on A2 Online Judge only.
  7. I'm planning to launch a new tournament, which will be a new kind of contests. I'll use something called [Ringo Robot], which isn't released yet but I talked with the company's CEO and hopefully I'll have 2 robots with me in Morocco. The contestants will write code which controls the robot with all its sensors, they won't need to have the robot, I'll make a simulator and they can use it to test their code. And in the final rounds the contestants will watch a live stream of Ringo robots playing against each other using the code they wrote.

That's what I have in my mind right now. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Ahmed Aly