3D Virtual Activity-Based Learning Environment (VALE)

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Title 3D Virtual Activity-Based Learning Environment (VALE)

Author Mikhail Lavrentiev, Igor Belago, Mikhail Dyakov

Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Automation and Electrometry, JSC “SoftLab-NSK” Novosibirsk, Russia


During the presentation we will provide the information about several e-learning tools, proposed recently to promote international cooperation. This also example of joint activity of University, Science, and Business (USB).

The purpose of the project is to create a software Platform that will provide the user with of 3D virtual activity-based learning environment (VALE), ready to use and update (functioning and developing).

The platform is aimed to improve the quality of education through effective organization of distant learning (when students are located distantly from each other) and team- and group-work. Unlike the majority of existing systems of distant and electronic education the platform combines traditional methods of verbal education (direct transmitting of education content from teacher to student) and methods of activity-based learning when learners perform themselves some experience where they “re-discover” discoveries and re-generate knowledge new to them in a training situation specially arranged by the teacher.

Technologically the platform has cloud architecture when necessary information and calculations related to VALE operation are stored on server. Traditional e-content on end-users machines will be displayed by means of a standard Internet browser and a thin client will be applied for virtual setting.