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Douglas A. Lane
Sacramento California
ICPC SysOps Team
CSUS Programming Contest Development and Support Team

CMS Changes

  1. In Contest_Control_System#results.tsv rank in contest field is empty if team not assigned rank.
  2. in .tsv files - change "file_version" to file basename


  1. Upon time interval removal, all runs with changes contest-time must be re-sent to the Event Feed

Nice to haves

  1. Remove time interval - use elapsed time, not only wall time
  2. Delete run
  3. Judge sends a clarification to a specific team/user
  4. Judge sends a clarification to a list of users (by site, pick from list, etc.)
  5. Report or list of removed time intervals
  6. Report of list of all runs affected by removed time intervals

Logging Items

  1. Configuration Changes
  2. Run changes
    1. Remove time interval
  3. admin changes run (judgment, contest-time, etc.)
  4. Log when team's score is adjusted by Admin.
  5. When new validator installed
  6. when validator command line changes
  7. when new judge's data or answer file loaded
  8. when team disabled (no longer can login)
  9. when problem changes state

TBD Send out a note with this example
A suggestion is that all of these events should be in the event feed directly. For example if a problem is disabled then enabled there would be two Event Feed events. If a user logs in and gets an event feed, the problem is enabled would the CCS have to store when the problem was enabled and disabled and send those events, in order, on the Event Feed? Or should the Event Feed simply give the problem as enabled ?

Event Feed Notes

The CCS will provide Event Feed data using a socket connection (port). The CCS will require a login/authentication before providing the Event Feed data. The CCS will send out all events from the start of the contest then continue send events.

  1. How to handle failed authentication? TBD

Judgement Acronyms

Defined acronyms for judgement. Judgement Acronyms must be unique.

Acronym Full Judgement name
CE Compile Error
SV Security Violation
RTE Run-Time Error
TLE Time Limit Exceeded
WA Wrong Answer
AC Accepted
JE Judging Error

Finalize Data

The following data must be entered before a contest can be finalized.

  1. last gold medal rank
  2. last silver medal rank
  3. last bronze medal rank
  4. number of bronze medals awarded
  5. a Finalize comment