The URI Online Judge Learning Platform

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The URI Online Judge Learning Platform


Jean Luca Bez, Neilor A. Tonin


The URI Online Judge is a new web tool composed by an Online Judge and an integrated Academic environment, specially designed to help students and professors in the learning/teaching process. The Online Judge allows the students to practice the contents presented in class and explore new problems and topics. Among the several features available, the most interesting are the categorization of problems according to main subject and difficulty, the badge rewarding system (gamification technique) and the Toolkit (that allows a student to generate correct output to test his/her solution). The Academic module allows the professors to create disciplines or groups, define homework assignments for their students to practice and track their progress. By using this new learning platform, the professor can at the same time, help the students with more difficulties and allow more advanced students to explore other problems and learn by themselves. All these features are available in an online, clean and organized learning platform.