Programming Competitions at Amrita University and Infosys Technologies

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Programming Competitions at Amrita University and Infosys Technologies

Vallath Nandakumar [1]
Srinagesh Chatarajuppalli [2]
Anand Shenoy [1]
T. V. Bhanu Prasad [2]


Amrita University and Infosys Technologies, Inc. joined together this year to conduct a programming contest training camp for advanced undergraduate students and to increase participation and contestant preparedness for the ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Regionals. The camp was backed by Infosys’s five years of conducting the all-India Aspirations2020 and Amrita’s five years of conducting the ACM ICPC Asia-Amritapuri regional competition.

Infosys has been conducting the Aspirations2020 contest for the past five years. The contest is held all over India, in five geographical zones. Since there were 100,000 registration and 25,000 participants, the contest was conducted in five rounds, with the final one having fourteen teams coming to Hyderabad, India. Remarkably, 32% of participants were girls. 474 Indian colleges were represented. The focus was on getting as many students involved as possible in programming contests, and thereby improve logical thinking, programming, and teamwork, and thus improve employability, while maintaining scalability and sustainability in the process.

Amrita’s ACM ICPC Regional focused on reaching out to universities, and on identifying world-class competitors, with similar goals of improving employability. Problem setting was done by experts all over the world. Socialization among competitors was also a goal. 106 colleges and 474 teams participated this year; much of the increase in participation resulting from using Infosys’ university outreach.

The jointly conducted camp’s goal was to raise the standard of the topmost competitors, and the best 40 students from the Asia-Amritapuri ICPC Regionals and 2010 Aspirations2020 were invited. Instructors were previous ICPC world finalists and Google Code Jam world finalists. We surveyed the students to assess their knowledge of relevant material before and after the 5-day camp, and found a significant improvement. Further surveys were conducted six months later to see how the students were preparing themselves.

This presentation will go over how far Aspirations2020, ACM ICPC and the jointly conducted camp achieved the goals we set out.

Amrita University, Amritapuri,
Kollam Dt., Kerala, India 690525

Infosys Technologies,
Manikonda Village,
Lingampally, RangaReddy ( Dist ), Hyderabad , India 500019