Micro-mentoring in the collaborative learning environment

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Micro-mentoring in the collaborative learning environment

Instructors in a variety of fields are primarily focused on teaching concepts. However, developing mastery and demonstrating it sometimes means the student must first become versed in relevant technologies. There is a risk that technologies with a steep learning curve can impede learning, but collaborative, team-based learning can be a partial solution. Team members with more advanced skills can serve as limited term, micro-mentors for their peers. As every participant brings different experiences to the learning environment, the role of mentor and mentee can change dynamically. The fluid nature of the shifting roles from mentor to mentee requires that individuals as well as the whole group self-regulate. This teaches skills which can benefit students’ knowledge of professional practice. Our presentation will draw from studies of and experience in a variety of disciplines and will include suggestions for application in problem-solving teams. We will present findings from studies of group work practice in problem-solving situations focusing on the similarities that have been observed across disciplines.

Phillip Motley, Elon University

David Sturgill, University of North Carolina—Greensboro

Amanda Sturgill, Elon University