Contest API - An ICPC standard for contest systems & tools

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Contest API

An ICPC standard for contest systems & tools We shall present the ICPC Contest API, a REST interface for communication between contest control systems (CCS), live scoreboards, results presentations, Contest Data Servers (CDS) as provided for example by the ICPC Tools, and anything new you can come up with…

The Contest API specification was developed as part of a year-long collaborative effort by a group of people representing all CCSs and other software tools (such as the CDS) used at the World Finals. It merges various data exchange formats used at the World Finals in the past into a single standard that is useful in a general ICPC context. This year at the World Finals it will be used for communication between primary and shadow CCSs, the CDS, and ICPC Analytics and ICPC Live.

We shall give a quick overview of the API, and describe how it improves previous specifications. Then we continue with a live demonstration of some of the systems and ICPC tools that already support this new API. The Contest API is currently supported by the following systems:

  • PC^2
  • Kattis
  • DOMjudge
  • ICPC Tools (CDS, live scoreboard and resolver, balloon printer, …)
  • AutoAnalyst tools (work in progress)