Competitive Programming Movement “Tomás López Jiménez”: training initiative for ACM-ICPC style competitions

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Competitive Programming Movement “Tomás López Jiménez”: training initiative for ACM-ICPC style competitions.


The increase of the level of teams from other institutions and nations in the field of competitive programming has evidenced the need to organize even more the way in which both the training and team conformation are done on the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI, by its acronym in Spanish). The Competitive Programming Movement “Tomás López Jiménez” (MPC-TLJ, by its acronym in Spanish) was officially founded in the UCI on February 15th 2012, as a group of enthusiasts (both students and professors) dedicated to programming contests training. Students are grouped into two divisions: Division 1 consists of the best 15 students and Division 2 groups the next 30 students. An individual ranking is maintained to measure the performance of each student, in order to create the teams for the different competitions. Professors integrate the Coaches Committee, which is in charge of organizing and executing the different planned training activities: individual and team contests, debates of the solutions to exercises, conferences, training camps, psychological attention to the members, recreational or socialization activities, amongst others. Such activities take place during the whole year, having produced satisfying results so far, for example: on the 2012 Caribbean Finals, the 4 teams from the UCI positioned amongst the first 8 places, and one of them qualified for the ACM-ICPC World Finals. Although the results have been encouraging, much is still to be done in term of motivation both to students and professors, improvement to the activities planning; and team creation mechanism.


ACM-ICPC, competitive programming, movement, training.


Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez, Tomás Orlando Junco Vázquez, José Ernesto Lara Rodríguez, Yonny Mondelo Hernández, Vladimir Antonio Charchabal Escalona, Rubén Alcolea Núñez, Ray Williams Robinson Valiente, Alkaid Cruz Llanes Hernández, Mario Iván Cid Vázquez, Jorge Luis Roque Alvarez, Leandro González Vallejo, Yaniel Calviño Cruz, José Miguel Argilagos Yi, Luis Mariano Savigne Semanat.