Cats-judge: a command-line utility for problem preparation

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Cats-judge: a command-line utility for problem preparation

Contest control systems are now widely used not only for competitions, but also during a normal teaching process. This creates a need to prepare a lot of programming problems.

Existing problem preparation systems are mostly online tools, including, most famously, Polygon system. Such tools are very convenient for a inexperienced problem authors. However, using online preparation tools by more advanced authors causes inefficiencies similar to those which a programmer would encounter if he tries to build non-trivial software with on-line tools. We hope that a command-line tool problem preparation might improve productivity for some problem authors.

In this presentation we will review the stages of problem preparation and main requirements for a problem preparation tool. We will then introduce a `cats-judge` problem preparation tool, which is an open-source project with the goal of achieving those requirements.

We will demonstrate the ability to prepare problem packages either completely off-line or by combined usage of command-line and on-line tools.

We will also discuss support for teamwork in preparation tools, and in particular their relation with version control systems.

Finally, we present some directions for future work. such as integration of different problem formats.