CLI Light: SoCal Coach Symposium

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CLI Light: The Southern California Coaches’ Symposium

Abstract: Using the CLI as a model, in 2012, the Southern California Region started holding a symposium for coaches during the 5-hour actual contest. The symposium lasts for 2-3 hours, and includes presentations and round table discussions led by the coaches as well as information updates and discussion topics initiated by regional leadership. It also provides an opportunity to introduce (and thank) sponsors to the coaches, which is something that sponsors value. The Symposium has served as a positive conduit for connecting coaches, sharing ideas, and getting important feedback that has changed how the Region conducts its business as well as informed how we provide feedback to ICPC.

This presentation will outline how to set a symposium and the benefits that can be realized. It will include examples of topics, discussions, and sponsor interactions, and will discuss some of the outcomes and improvements that have resulted from it.

Southern California is a single-site contest; time permitting, we will discuss some of the obstacles and solutions to holding symposiums in multi-site contests.

Presenter: Donna Furon, Registrar, Southern California