ACM -ICPC and Informatics Engineering in Cuba. Experiences and results in the UM CC.

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ACM-ICPC and Informatics Engineering in Cuba. Experiences and results in the UMCC.

Roger Pérez Chávez 1*,
Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez 2,
Lourdes Tarifa Lozano 1,
Alfredo Fundora Rolo 1
Fidel Pérez Candelario 1, Michael
Reconde López 1,
Rainel Estrada Montejo 1

1 Universidad de Matanzas “Camilo Cienfuegos”. Km 31/2 Road to Varadero. Matanzas.
2 Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas (UCI), Road to San Antonio de los Baños, Km 2 1/2, Torrens, La Lisa, La Habana. Matanzas.

This paper is an analysis of the resulting work done by the Informatics Engineering students in Cuba for the ACM-ICPC since 2009. Within it, the need for interdisciplinary problem solving, as part of the Informatics Engineers' basic skills, is underscored. Discrete results by such students are demonstrated through the ACM-ICPC competitions.

At the same time, the possibilities brought on by the ACM-ICPC movement and the flexibility in the Informatics Engineering Curriculum (Study Plan D) to leverage them, are shown. To accomplish that, some specific areas of the ACM-ICPC, along with some of the Curriculum (Study Plan D) peculiarities, are matched to establish a narrow junction between various classes and the ACM-ICPC problems.

Lastly, the University of Matanzas experiences and results at the ACM-ICPC events, which are based on the use of ACM-ICPC problems and applied to the Informatics Engineering Curriculum (Study Plan D), are shown.

Area of interest (CLIS): Teaching Computer Science